Brookmount Explorations, Inc. ( Brookmount Gold )

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Brookmount Gold Logo - FastPitch IR

Brookmount Gold is an emerging junior gold mining company with primary operations near Manado, Indonesia (the Talawaan Mine). Additionally, Brookmount has secured a road-map for expanding mining operations into North America, specifically the Moosehorn Property in the Canadian Yukon. While there has been a delay in securing their audited financials, management has been allowed a great degree of freedom in allowing FastPitch IR to help. The FastPitch IR Team is assisting Brookmount in developing their narrative and branding strategy, while connecting with current and prospective investors both on and off line. Specifically, FastPitch IR has helped Brookmount:

  • Update multiple online profiles, including Bloomberg Terminal Data.
  • Ensure that their corporate Nevada registration has stayed current (successfully navigated the Nevada Secretary of State System and renewed both the company registration and registered agent from administrative hold to active status).
  • Develop a branding strategy, including upscaling of Brookmount’s logo and widening their social media presence.
  • Answer current and prospective investor questions, and incorporate investor feedback into the company recommendations.
  • Plan Brookmount’s Annual Meeting, with focus on technology and investor inclusiveness.
  • Many other ongoing improvements.

We have appreciated the trust and leeway Brookmount’s Management has afforded us, and look forward to helping them become a world-class gold mining company.